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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I unstring the bow after shooting? With today’s materials if you are shooting with some regularity, it is safer to leave the bow strung. If you are putting it away after the hunting season or for an extended period of time, go ahead and unstring it. But, do not stand it in a corner or lay it under a bed, because over time this can cause a limb to twist.

Bow storage: You can hang a strung bow by the string on two pegs. An unstrung bow can be hung by the upper limb tip on a V-tip rack or by the string on one peg.  Another way is to use two pegs that are in line the with the ends of the handle, not out on the limbs.

Stringing the bow: String and unstring the bow using only a tip-to-tip bow stringer. Do not use the push-pull method or the step-through, over the hip method.  To do so can be dangerous to you and the bow.

Arrow Speed: There are so many factors that come in to play that it is not possible to state with complete accuracy how fast a given bow will shoot. There are four major factors that affect arrow speed: draw length, bow weight, arrow weight and brace height.  Any change to one or more of these factors will change the arrow speed. My bows are designed to pull at a rate gain of 3 lbs. per inch of draw.

Arrows: You can shoot wood, aluminum or carbon. Just make sure to follow the arrow chart, especially on the carbon arrows. If you're used to adding 5 lbs. for the 1" broad head clearance and 5 lbs. for use of Fast Flight Strings for wood arrows, it's not the same with Carbon. You go backwards on the carbon charts before you add some back in. I prefer 10-11 grains of arrow weight per pound of draw weight.  For example a 50 lb. bow would shoot a 500-550 grain arrow. Sometimes not an easy thing to accomplish with the lightweight carbon arrows.

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