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Bow Information

Bow Specs:

Bow offerings: 60" and 62" takedown recurves.

Bows are based on 1 3/4" material.

Sight Windows: Sight windows are cut 1/8" past center shot. This allows for a straighter push on the arrow while still controlling the direction of the archer's paradox for small diameter carbon arrows as well as the larger diameter wood arrows.  Arrow shelf and sight window are both radiused for cleaner arrow flight.

Grip: A medium-sized palm swell grip.

Limbs: Fast internal taper and full width to the base of the recurve, then tapered to a small limb tip. This creates a very stable yet very quick limb. By balancing the wood to glass ratio and several other factors I am able to achieve a draw weight gain of 3 lbs per inch.

Takedown: The takedown system is a headed, threaded insert and two 1/4" alignment pins.


Brace height: Bows are built for a brace height of 7 1/2". Measured from the throat of the grip to the string.

Bow Weight: Bow weight is measured at 28".  Add or subtract 3 lbs. per inch of draw length to arrive at your pull weight.

Strings: My bows are constructed for the use of fast flight plus strings and its equivalent.  My bows come with one string.

Riser/Limb Assembly

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